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Why is Corona Virus Pandemic happening according to Vedic Astrology ?

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The baffling case of Nritti Goddess wrecking havoc every 18 years when Ketu in Mula Nakshatra.

Ketu, the significator of viral diseases and pain ,  in Mula Nakshatra between Jan 15 2020 to Sep 23 2020

The deity of Mula Nakshatra is

Nirritti – The Goddess of disaster, Alaksmi

Ketu in Mula , although ruled by it, is not favorable

Nirṛti (निरृति) is the Hindu goddess of deathly hidden realms and sorrows, one of the dikpāla (“guardians of the directions”), representing the southwest. The name nirhti has the meaning of “absence of ṛta”, meaning ‘disorder’, or ‘lawlessness’. Denial of prosperity to destroy the roots so that new roots can replace them

Lets see what happend when Ketu was in Mula last 5 times

1. 2019-2020 Corona Virus pandemic , Fire outbreak in Australia , Global crisis

2. 2002-2003 SARS outbreak , Riots in India , Several other global crisis

3. 1984 Riots in India ,HIV at its peak affecting 1.3 lacs,  global economic crisis

4. 1966-68 Cholera epidemic, Asian Flu. More than  3 lac people lost lives

5. 1947-48 Global Typhoid fever , Civil riots in India , numerous people lost lives

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