Hindi - हिन्दी, Jupiter गुरु, Ketu केतु, Mars मंगल, Mercury बुध, Moon चन्द्र, Planets ग्रह, Rahu राहु, Saturn शनि, Sun सूर्य, Vedic Astrology ज्योतिष, Venus शुक्र

9 Beautiful Shayari’s that sum up the quintessential meaning of the 9 Graha in Vedic Astrology

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Saurabh is Co-Founder of Tvam® Vedic Astrology App & Tvam.life Spiritual shop. He is a Vedic Astrology enthusiast , a hard rock fan and still trying to figure out what life is all about. He can be reached at saurabh@tvam.app Tvam blog is an attempt to bring the best of the astrologers , across the world, to a single platform.

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