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Are you short tempered ? Vedic Astrology perspective and 5 easy hacks to reduce your anger.

Install Free Tvam® Astrology App now !! Available in English , हिंदी , मराठी , ગુજરાતી , தமிழ் , മലയാളം ,

कोरोना भाइरस महामारी कहिले समाप्त हुन्छ? २०२० का प्रमुख वैदिक ज्योतिष घटनाहरू जुन हाम्रो भाग्यको निर्णय गर्दछन्

1. केतु भाइरल रोग र पृथकीकरणको कारण हो। केतु मूल नक्षत्रमा 15 जनवरी देखि 23 सेप्टेम्बर सम्म हुनेछ मूल नक्षत्रको

कोरोना वायरस महामारी कब खत्म होगी? 2020 की 7 प्रमुख वैदिक ज्योतिष घटनाएं जो हमारे भाग्य का फैसला करेंगी

Install Free Tvam® Astrology App now !! 1. केतु वायरल बीमारियों और अलगाव का कारक है। केतु 15 जनवरी से

When will Corona Virus Pandemic end ? 7 key Astrological events in 2020 that will decide the fate

Install Free Tvam® Astrology App now !! 1. Ketu, the karaka of viral diseases and pain ,  in Mula Nakshatra

Why is Corona Virus Pandemic happening according to Vedic Astrology ?

Install Free Tvam® Astrology App now !! The baffling case of Nritti Goddess wrecking havoc every 18 years when Ketu

What are Yogakaraka planets ? How to know if your Kundli has any Yogakaraka

What is a Yogakaraka | योगकारक ? The Yoga-karaka is the planet which rules a Kendra (‘Angular house’) and a Trikona (‘Trine’) simultaneously. A yogakaraka planet

Is Guru Chandal Yoga a boon or a bane ? 5 certain effects !

What is Guru-Chandal Yoga ? Whevever in a Kundli , Rahu and Jupiter are together forming a conjunction its called

The 10 Rules of IKIGAI – The Japanese Secret to a Successful and Happy Life

What is Ikigai ? “Your ikigai is at the intersection of what you are good at and what you love doing,” says Hector

10 things that will certainly happen to you during Rahu Mahadasha !

What is Rahu ? In Hindu Astrology Rahu represents materialism, mischief, fear, insatisfaction, obsession and confusion. Rahu is found in the Puranic

5 Sanskrit quotes to help you understand life amidst this Corporate Haze & Unending Rat Race

Are you living a life to perpetually make your life better ? Do you feel that life is going by