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The four MahaVakyas of the Upanishads that can change your perspective about God !

The Mahavakyas (mahāvākyam, महावाक्यम्) are “The Great Sayings” of the Upanishads, as characterized by the Advaita school of Vedanta. The

বৈদিক জ্যোতিষে কৃতিকা নক্ষত্র | ঘটনা এবং অর্থ

কৃত্তিকা – যিনি কাটেন আপনার নক্ষত্র কৃত্তিকা, যেহেতু আপনার জন্মের সময় চাঁদ কৃত্তিকার নক্ষত্রে ছিলেন। অবস্থান: 26.40 মেষ থেকে 10.00

Krittika Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology – All you wanted to know !

Krittika – The one who cuts Your nakshatra is Krittika since Moon was in Krittika nakshatra at the time of

10 Powerful Sanskrit verses that will change your perspective about life

1. नातिक्रान्तानि शोचेत प्रस्तुतान्यनागतानि चित्यानि । One should not regret what is past. One should only think of the present

10 things that will certainly happen to you in your Sade Sati period

The period of Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time

10 Indications you have a weak Rahu in your Kundli

1. House repairs Are there cracks appearing in your house walls suddenly or some other unforeseen civil work requirements ?

Powerful Jupiter Mantra | Meaning and 5 Effects it has on your life

Jupiter is a planet of luck, optimism, success, and generosity. Jupiter brings joy to life.In Vedic Astrology , Jupiter is

9 Beautiful Shayari’s that sum up the quintessential meaning of the 9 Graha in Vedic Astrology

Saturn transit to Capricorn after 30 years | Effects on each Rashi

Saturn , the graha of justice , patience and sincerity is coming back to its own zodiac Capricorn after 30

5 Vedic Astrology books you should read before you die

Are you interested in the world of Vedic Astrology ? Here is my take on 5 books that have changed